Multirigo TMR 55

Multirigo TMR 55

HVLP technology equipment, usable with all types of varnish/ water- or solvent-based paints

The system was designed by combining specific spray guns to paint in secure, precise and economic way with a limited overspray effect

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Light and compact devices

Usable with different types of varnish, water- or solvent-based paints.
The equipment is combinable with a significant amount of accessories to customize your turbine for a proper use.

  • Technical data sheet

  • Brochure

  • Instructions for use

  • Warranty and Waste disposal

  • General catalogue

  • Dichiarazione conformit√† Turbine

Did you know that...

You can use your turbine on miniatures, toys. garden and all fields where it is possible to spray liquids or where it is necessary to provide for a spray decoration