The gun MRI combined with TMR Turbines enables spraying of different covering materials, water or solvent-based paints on different media

Features of the spray gun enable the user to atomize the product precisely and uniformly with an extremely limited overspray effect.

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Speed and high performances

The complete system can provide for a smooth and uniform surface.
The quantity of covering product can be adjusted on the basis of its density/viscosity by means of an adjusting screw.
Turn the air cap to obtain different types of spray (vertical oval, horizontal oval or round) with a very limited overspray effect. Moreover, a new air cap can provide for a better application for finer and more liquid products. .

  • Anodized bottom tank with autoclave lock
  • nozzles provided allow the optimization of the finish and the amount of product sprayable
  •  the particular shape allows to reduce or limit the dispersion of the product
  •  ecological and health protection



  • Technical data sheet

  • Brochure

  • Instructions for use

  • Warranty and Waste disposal

  • General catalogue

  • Dichiarazione conformit√† aerografi e ricambi

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with a surge tank lock you are sure to always have a perfect tightness?