1K PU Products

From the first European manufacturer of dispensers for polyurethane foam, a series of applicators of different features united by the high quality


1K PU foam guns

Our guns for dispensing of polyurethane foam (1KPU) are 100% Italian product. A whole production process starting from design to construction up to the final testing is entirely made by Rigo® to grant a constant quality that lasts over the time.

Different models for different needs;

  • Ergonomic: lightweight and comfortable,  not tire the hand
  • Durable: tested for hundreds of thousands of precise dispensing
  • Versatile: the various accessories available making  them suitable for multiple jobs
  • High security of use granted by design and production including systems of product flow regulation and user's protection.
  • Original technical solutions allows an optimal use of Rigo® guns with the major number of cans of polyurethane foam 1K PU present on the market.