Premium duty

Premium duty

Different models for demanding constant use

Premium Duty range

Fully professional guns, extremely dependable of new hybrid design. Solid body constructions completely Teflon coated. TOP guns for TOP performances. Three main models are available

R58 – the eye-catching design, extremely versatile with an easy conversion from up fed to bottom fed foam containers,  ergonomic shape allowing a long use without fatigue, high performances in full safety with double in-built  “Safety System” – flow regulator and lever;

RBH – completely made of metal, it has single-piece body, a PTFE-coated adapter and a lever of high resistance and endurance; ergonomic shape of its slim handgrip facilitates the professionals wearing particularly thick protection gloves

MAD – vintage model, manufactured for over 20 years, still a landmark on the market for the application of OCF in cylinders, completely made in aluminum and equipped with “Safety System”


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Did you know...

we produce more than 300 models of PU foam guns customized at various levels as private label? Should you not find here what you want just ask us directly, it's very likely that the PU gun you are looking for is already available.