The spray gun with an upper plastic tank combined with TMR Turbines enables spraying of different covering materials, water or solvent-based paints on different media

The spray gun features enable the user to atomize the covering product, to wrap it up in air jet and to gently and accurately settle it on the surface to be painted.

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Adjusting to search the optimum finish

The quantity of covering product can be adjusted on the basis of its density/viscosity by means of an adjusting screw.
Turn the air cap to obtain different types of spray (vertical oval, horizontal oval or round) with a very limited overspray effect.

  • upper plastic tank
  • efficiency up to 60-80%
  • environmental and health friendly


  • Technical data sheet

  • Brochure

  • Instructions for use

  • Warranty and Waste disposal

  • General Catalogue

  • Dichiarazione conformit√† aerografi e ricambi

Did you know that...

all Rigo HVLP spray guns represent a real classic of refernce in low-pressure painting? Excellent finish, user-friendliness and a favourable price