Solidarity in many colors – Rigo helps non-profit organization Italy-Uganda

Rigo, a leading company in the field of painting has always been attentive to the needs of professionals, but does not remain insensitive to the needs of the less fortunate either.
With this prospective in mind we donated with pleasure our equipment last year, so that they could be of assistance to the activities of the non-profit association ITALY UGANDA Pavia.

The humanitarian organization will use our equipment  to complete or renovate their facilities in Italy and Uganda, using the indispensable work of many volunteers.
ITALY UGANDA,  non-profit organization was founded in 2000 to support the activities of Father Giovanni  “John” Scalabrini, Italian missionary who lives in Uganda for over fifty years, and to give a better future for children in Uganda. Until today, the association has managed to send to school thousands of orphaned children, build primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, and to give medical assistance and aid to the needy.

Rigo trusts and shares the values of Italian Uganda non-profit organization that "only through education one can really help a person, a community, a country to grow and to be self-sufficient."
Believing in this, as in other humanitarian projects, we are proud to share with you the photos of the activities that the association made in Uganda, the images of the children who are helped each day and the schools that have been built over the years, and as explained Mrs. Francesca Bellotti,  collaborator of non-profit ITALY UGANDA  "which can be made even more beautiful, joyful  and safe in a short time using a variety of colors thanks to Rigo’s equipment."