Advantage and disadvantages of the heat produced by HVLP turbines?

The reason why turbines deliver hot air can be found out in their structure. Fans rotate at 18/22,000 rpm. in a motor. This will increase the speed rate of the air molecules coming into contact one with the other, thus giving origin to heat as a result of friction and compression. Dry air is also produced as a result of humidity evaporation.
This phenomenon helps avoiding any halo that could be seen only once the product has dried. No dehumidifier is required to dry air just as in the case of traditional compressors. The disadvantage of this heat could be represented by the tendency to let evaporate also the products, such as the diluents, which are mixed to the paint in order to facilitate the coming out of the varnish to the surface. If there is not enough diluent in the material to be sprayed, the drying process will cause the so called "orange skin" effect. This situation is solved by adding more diluent in order to balance the loss caused by the heat produced by the turbine.