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Rigo® presents its products: TMR Turbines, now supplemented by the new TMR turbines series E and compatible spray guns.
The combination with turbines and spray guns represents the best technological solution for spraying paints and other finishing and covering materials by means of an HVLP system.

Each product is designed and made in Italy by using top-quality materials for homogeneous performance and constant efficiency all over the time.
Special attention is paid to keep and improve the points of strength of the products, such as functionality and practicality, for maintenance reduced to a minimum and management of low costs.

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Turbine TMR

Turbine per verniciatura Turbine per verniciatura Turbine per verniciatura

The new TMR turbines series E represent the natural evolution of the TMR standard series. Always characterised by a unique and distinctive design. They are now equipped with 3 new more performing motors specifically conceived for the application of various types of covering products, such as paints, glazing, wall paints on as many types of media, such as wood, metal and masonry, according to the type of use and field of application. Moreover, the range presents 3 important distinguishing peculiarities, i.e. the new touch control panel, the patented Rigo RF system and the Air Tube Flex system. These innovations have been conceived and developed to further improve the use on any working condition and under any environmental circumstance. Moreover, various accessories are always made available to make the use of the equipment more flexible and functional.
TMR Turbines E serials Products details
TMR TurbinesSpray Painting Turbines
TMR Turbines are light and compact devices characterised by a simple and attracting design, conceived to apply different types of covering products, such as varnishes, glazing, primers, wall paints on many types of media, such as wood, metal and masonry.
Three TMR Turbines versions can be distinguished, according to power and performances, type of utilisation and application field. Several accessories are available to make the equipment more flexible and functional.

MRI, MRI-AS, MRS, MBA Spray GunsSpray Painting Guns
MRI, MRI-AS, MRS and MBA Spray Painting Guns integrate the HVLP system.
It is the most important part of the whole equipment enabling the user to atomise the covering product precisely and uniformly. It is possible to use materials different for density/viscosity, thanks to a system of canalised air flows in combination with different diameters of the nozzle.
It becomes easy to use these spray painting guns thanks to the appropriate accessories that improve their efficiency in transferring the covering products.

TMR Turbines Products details
Spray Painting Guns Products details

See also the complete product PMR backpack turbine and our wide range of turbine accessories.
Rigo® srl reserves the right to modify/adapt the technical information and products itself present on the web site at any time and without any prior notice.
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