Cart Turbine Light CTL9 and CTL18

Cart Turbine Light CTL9 and CTL18

Light and compact equipment highly reliable, ideal for application of water and solvent based enamels, primers, as well as quartz and water paints on walls and ceilings

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  • Top performance of two models with both indoor and outdoor wall water paints, quartz paints, water-based enamels, industrial solvent-based enamels, micaceous iron painting and wood-stains
  • Smaller footprint, minimum weight and improved versatility
  • Perfect match for any of our TMR-series HVLP turbine
  • Small price and great convenience


  • Technical Data Sheet

  • Flyer

  • Instructions for use

  • Certificate of conformance and warranty

  • General Catalogue

Did you know...

..that thanks to the technical features of product hose and tank dip pipe less than 5l of water and 15 minutes of your time is enough for an easy and thorough cleaning?