Cart Turbine CT9I Industry

Cart Turbine CT9I Industry

Envisioned for industry and craftsmen, it allows to carry on all professional painting jobs with the best equipment possible.

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Great performances, high precision, and huge flexibility for finishing jobs.

  • Specifical for industry and craftsmen.
  • Thought for solvent-based, epoxy, polyurethane, two/three-component and decorative paints.
  • It grants flawless finishes with all materials.
  • Light, compact, portable, supplied with a 9 lt. tank.
  • Equipped with accessories for solvent-based products (hoses, gaskets etc…)


  • Technical Data Sheet

  • Brochure

  • Instructions for use

  • Certificate of conformance and warranty

  • General Catalogue

Did you know...

you can use your CT-9 and CT-18 even for small touch-up works or decorations by adding one of the ACT-S or ACT-AS new professional spray guns?