Cart Turbine CT18E Edilizia

Cart Turbine CT18E Edilizia

Envisioned for building field, it is perfect for quick and well-done jobs, both big and small ones. Easy to handle.

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Resistant, reliable, easy to use for top quality finishes.

  • Specifical for the building field
  • Ideal for hydro paint, wall paints, water enamels, water-based products, decorative materials…
  • It grants flawless finishes with all materials.
  • Easy to use, practical and flexible both for big and small jobs.
  • Light and compact despite the high autonomy given by its 18 lt. tank.
  • Equipped with accessories for water-based materials (hoses, gaskets etc…)


  • Technical Data Sheet

  • Brochure

  • Instructions for use

  • Certificate of conformance and warranty

  • General catalogue

Did you know that...

you can use your CT-9 and CT-18 even for small touch-up works or decorations by adding one of the ACT-S or ACT-AS new professional spray guns