Another great year

The year 2016 is closed with a positive balance in terms of business and content!

Currently we have a sales network with 36 agents who are able to cover almost entire national territory. In recent years numerous new customers have been gained increasing our presence on the peninsula. We continue to sustain our customers organizing open days and demos, the winning weapons to be closer to their needs, providing direct field support in exchange for the important feedback that allows us to continue being a leader producing aimed products.

Our range of products has implemented new products and 2017 will bring more surprises with increasingly innovative products and performance allowing us to remain the benchmark for the industry. Given the good results obtained in Italy, we will replicate the strategy abroad with a targeted expansion program, hoping for similar results.

For more information download the interview by Colore & Hobby on pages 88/89/90 or read the entire magazine and. 368 December at the link below.

The competitive advantage gained over the years is the result of a team effort coordinated and continuous, and we begin this 2017 with a commitment to go on this path.

Until next time!