Fields of application HVLP LVLP

Discover our product lines HVLP PRO and LVLP PRO, our new "weapons" winning on any surface to paint and apply products safely and economically.
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We invite you to discover all fields of application of our spraying equipment, here below find the list of the possible fields of application:


Craft and surfboards

Covering materials: antifouling paints, coatings and fillers



Body and automobile parts

Covering materials: primers, rust preventers, varnishes for motorcars



Roofs, external fronts, walls (flat interiors), stairs, terraces and balconies, garage doors Covering materials: primers, water paints, multi-color



Furniture, wardrobes, planks, boards and splines, floors, doors and window frames, Wicker and rattan furniture.

Covering materials: antifouling paints, lacquers, dyestuffs, coatings, fillers and primers.



Metal enclosures, gates, rails, bearing structures, latticework and radiators Covering materials: primers, rust preventers, varnishes

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