Rigo srl presents: Painting Station Trolley TSV

Rigo celebrates its first 70 years of activity with a vision to conquer even more important successes based on the solid roots of the successful past!


Developed on the well-known TLY1K Trolley basis and the TPC01N “Backpack with Tank”, the new Painting Station TSV Trolley is equipped at best to allow a comfortable and efficient painting job with a considerable working range; it is ideally suited for all indoor and outdoor uses within the prevalence limits typical of the HVLP spraying system.

The TSV Trolley is equipped with a Flex type air hose 3m long, a 6 lt. tank, a powerful and versatile TMR90E-900W turbine electronically adjustable with the supplied remote control, with a peculiar aerograph, on purpose developed for the use of special enamels and coatings, solvent proof product hose and many other accessories.

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TLY2K TROLLEY: RIGO is always the right choice to get the maximum flexibility.
It is the ideal complement for every painting equipment based on the RIGO HVLP system.

To all those who already own one of our turbines (TMR80, TMR140, TMR90E, TMR150E, TMR180E) we offer the opportunity to upgrade it to the Painting Station TSV by adding only the Trolley TLY2K, already equipped with paint tank, aerograph, air and paint hoses and various accessories.

As for all the other Rigo Products, spare parts and several accessories are also available, fully compatible and usable with all the RIGO HVLP painting systems.