Rigo srl: 70 years side by side to those who paints

September 25, 2014 an important date for a company celebrating its first 70 years of activity in an excellent shape.

This special day is opened with the meeting with Rigo’s agents which turned out in a pleasant moment together exchanging opinions with the great spirit and optimism for the future of our company.

The Cart Turbina, presented by the video which you can see on You tube:


or visiting our web site home page or Facebook, showed its versatility and potential. The new HVLP and LVLP professional guns haven’t certainly gone unnoticed.

For the appetizer and dinner some of our customer and suppliers have also joined us, a winning team, enjoying together an entertaining evening at Caffe’ Teatro in Verghera.

A special and touching moment was during hand over of the plaques as a recognition for the personal efforts and commitment to each one of the entire team: collaborators, employees, agents, customers and suppliers.

A particular praise to Rolando Rigolio, President as “the Best Captain of Industry” and Riccardo Rigolio, CEO, the promoter of this evening, for his endless dedication and passion carrying out his work.

This celebration day is closed with the cabaret and joyful performance of the group of comics “ La cooperativa della risata” which will be remembered not only by its rich contents but also by the offered possibility to meet each other, to exchange points of view and grow together as it was the spirit of the event itself: “Working together means winning”!
Download the brochure which tells the story of our first 70 years at the file here below.