Rigo srl: 58, a number, a meaning, a story, a product

58 is not a random number for those who love the world of motorcycling such as Riccardo Rigolio, CEO of Rigo srl; it is, in fact, the number of Marco Simoncelli, the motorcyclist who is part of the history of motorcycle racing and has left a mark in the hearts of fans and others with his skill, loyalty and humanity

To commemorate Simoncelli and his clean and adventurous style in both sports and in life, Riccardo Rigolio has created a spray gun, the R58, with a particularly nice design featuring his colours and characteristics that represent the same values.
“It’s a tribute to a person -says Riccardo-, an idea that could become a way to contribute to the foundation dedicated to him. It allows me to express my passion, the same that I put into my work and feel for things that involve me in my free time, that have a deep value and meaning to me”.

Find the R58 on our advertising page nr. 47 of the Trade Magazione Colore & Hobby, edition nr. 342 here downloadable;

There are no limits in dispensing PU foam with Rigo!

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