Rigo leader in the world of spraying for 70 years

Rigo - 70 years of successes: Proud of our past, focused on the future!

An old Rigo motto when used to produce and export  the famous “piggy” was –

 It’s easier with a Rigo product!

40 years after,  the evolution of the turbine Multirigo TMR55, TMR80 and TMR140 makes spraying even more simple, intuitive, fast and practical.

Our equipment was developed in compliance with regulations and environment. The accessories were studied in order to meet any requirements.

Series E, models TMR180E, TMR150E TMR90E,  is equipped with a remote control and turbine trolley making the world of Rigo more functional and comfortable.

 You can download directly our news in attachment or view it in the trade magazine Colore & Hobby, Ed. 338 October 2013, pages 84 and 85