Results questionnaire on customer satisfaction 2015

We begin this new year together starting from the great satisfaction that you have given us by filling out the "Questionnaire survey of customer satisfaction 2015"
Thanks to your collaboration not only we feel closer to your needs but your constructive criticism will spur us so that 2016 will be even better year on mutual benefits.

As you suggested we’ll improve the marketing, logistics, regularity of visits of our agents, we will create new products more innovative, lightweight, practical, ergonomic and as always Made in Italy.
All your advice and hints were carefully screened and evaluated because since years we are proud of being customer driven.
This data collection was the concrete opportunity that allowed us to better understand the level of your satisfaction.  

For all these reasons, we can only thank you and ask you to participate again in so many to the same initiative, which will be repeated in the course of 2016.