Rigo equipment, so good that it sells by itself!

One of our best distributors of Piedmont Giardino Colori has also organized this year as already done in the past few years, 'the Color Day" ; an appointment that allows manufacturers and artisans to meet and exchange their experiences to better understand each other's needs.

Rigo, attentive as always to the needs of customers and ready to satisfy each request, could not miss the Color Day.

In the Trade Magazine Colore&Hobby ed. 351 of April at pages 68-69-70-71 can be viewed the entire interview with the owner of Giardino Colori Mr. Pietro Giardino, on the occasion of the Color Day.

Along with his children he manages three stores . He is knowledgeable and passionate expert of Rigo products that sells with the great satisfaction for years.

You can download the entire interview or view the whole Trade Magazine at the link below.

Enjoy your reading!