Supporting Ukranian children

In this difficult moment Rigo wishes to give its contribution, so we have realized a limited edition turbine in favor of Ukraine refugee children.

HVLP system: our internal code is TMR80-UA 800W turbine with blue/yellow body, MRS is the spray gun with upper tank, 3 mt flex tube, accessory tray, viscometer, shoulder strap and filters, all the set-up is not included in the price list.

TMR80-UA system will be sold by our retailers, so you just have to order it.

“We could all buy a turbine to help”

All the money raised from the sale will be donated to charity to “Save the Children” emergency fund in favor of Ukranian refugee children.

The initiative will be marked by traceability and transparency  guaranteed by the ethics of our company.

A small gesture of solidarity and sensitivity of our company in support of too many Ukranian children exposed to hunger, cold and violence.

Ukranian flag has been adopted in 1918 after the independence was achieved, the blue color stands for peace over the yellow wheat fields representing prosperity.

Please download the flyer of this initiative “Let’s buy a turbine to help”