Always more, always better!

Every year we like to maintain a pleasant habit and that is to tell how we spent the previous year anticipating all the news for 2022.

It is a way to take a stock of the goals achieved and the targets we plan to reach.

We close a controversial and productive 2021 in terms of results: with a double-digit growth (+15,33%).

A year characterized by a mix of elements such as tax breaks, government incentives on constructions, shortage of raw materials, increases of costs….. all these elements have led us to a new productive, logistics and strategic awareness.

The upgrade and improvement of our sales network in Italy it is the final step of a process that has involved every agent. This method has allowed us to examine several local problems studying the most appropriate activity to undertake.

Our target is a motivated and aligned Rigo team.

Our Rigo Academy will also be revised during 2022. We will have more coaches on the territory, we will guarantee a faster and efficient distribution.

The new format will be tailored and dedicated to specific requests.

The demonstrations of our products will be a highlight of 2022. We will offer our users the possibility to discover advantages, use and especially the results given by our equipment, creating this way a real culture about the spray painting.

For almost 80 years Rigo has been recognized for its spray equipment, nowadays more then ever, Rigo is not just a product but also a service, a vision and a brand. 

With this perspective we have increased our presence on social media, in the social field, in the world of art and culture, with the intention of doing better.

 If you wish to discover more details about Rigo, please read edition 419 of Colore & Hobby.