Great achievements, more and more important goals.

Nearly eighty years after Rigo foundation, we keep growing and improving with passion and enthusiasm. Our goal is to evolve with new projects in a constantly changing market.
With these objectives in mind, this year is going to be full of tasks:
Renovation and enlargement of our production department, improvement of managing and logistic efficiency, our will to be all over the country with professional agents and demonstrators.

A freshness for 2023 will be the creation of the RIGO POINTS which will be selected and skilled shops able to give assistance for our products, having the whole assortment and spare parts.

It goes without saying that this partnership will grant particularly favorable conditions and a severe cooperation to put practical demonstrations in place.

Our teaching program will go on as well, to spread the culture of HVLP spray painting.

We are getting ready for a fizzy 2024 in view of RIGO’s eightieth birthday.

It will be kind of a business and party event to mark the achieved goals and a new beginning as well. This will be the occasion to tell of our past and our vision for the future.

We’ll do this together with our employs, agents and demonstrators, some suppliers and customers for a once-in-a-lifetime birthday!

 Read the February article n. 429 on Colore & Hobby on this matter.