UWe are renewing the range of RIGO 1KPU foam guns for Italian market.

Four RIGO branded PU-foam guns, will be spread in different times within the end of this year, to fulfill professionals needs by one basic and three more cutting-edge versions:
• FOX A1
• R58

The four of them come in a graphically renewed box, easy to identify and content evocative.

We will begin from these models to develop the following ones, considering Italian professionals specific needs.

RIGO PU-foam guns are the perfect application tool

They guarantee optimal performance for efficient works

Our experience in PU field begun in 1983 and we went on producing original and patented high-quality professional guns, meant for the best players – PU-foam producers and international distributors.


We are now ready to propose a collection, in line with our brand, for our distribution channel which are already supplied with our HVLP, HP and LVLP equipment.


Good equipment makes the difference!

Just give our 1KPU guns a try!


You will find out that our PU-foam guns will let you use the whole can content, you can easily regulate the flow, you will have a long-use proof ergonomy and a Made-in-Italy tool.

Less strain then and more precise outcomes in less time, fundamental prerogatives for professionals and not only…

Because with our guns, even artistic, creative and whimsical use is not excluded!