Rigo: the cradle of culture for polyurethane foam spray guns

What lies behind a gun that dispenses foam? Much more than we would expect.
Rigo in fact aims to create a product culture and new rules for the market.

Constant attention to research and development has led to the creation of devices with improved performance, often forerunners of new application processes.
This was the case with spray guns for the application of polyurethane foam, a Rigo-branded invention able to offer to the market a real innovation  which has changed the way of working in every construction site. 
The important features for the polyurethane foam spray guns are reliability, progression of force, repeatability of action, stop safety, optimization of balance between the length and diameter of the barrel, lightness and handling.
To learn more we invite you to read the interview published in April Edition  n. 342 of the Trade Magazine Colore & Hobby on pages 98-99-100 here downloadable or to download entire magazine from the below link.