Rigo: Versatility and efficacy also worth for monumental restoration

Rigo’s equipment have been employed in a monumental restoration of excellence…..
ColorAid 2020 at Mirasole Abbey.
The project entails the remaking of the external front side and upgrading of the internal area; The construction site was coordinated and led by Giovanni Napolitano in agreement with the Superintendance for Architectural Heritege.
This year we are again on the frontline of a solidary project of ethical housing, cooperating with our equipment to the renovation of a building dated XII century of an inestimable historical, architectural and monumental value.
During the years the Abbey has been transformed, and it is now a shelter for families facing temporary housing difficulties.

Thanking to KOMBI equipped with  TMR180E and spray gun ACT, provided with a useful tank and a handy remote control, the job has become comfortable, fast and flexible. Due to Covid-19 the job has not been completed yet, but we will ensure that the work will be finished as soon as possible, in the full respect of the regulations.
In the meantime RIGO’s versatility doesn’t stop even during the emergency, during this difficult context we have added one more designated use to our equipment, making them able to sanitize the habitat to fight Covid-19. Thanking to the new important function of our equipment, all Rigo’s retailers can become essential partners for the new start.

Rigo’s equipment has been field-tested by professional Companies specialised in the sanitizing and desinfection area. The equipment is considered excellent for dispencing sanitizing products, thanking to the smoothest misting and excellent performances.


This has motivated us to create our new RIGO SANITARY® line, especially created and realized for the sanitary, hygenizing and desinfection field.  

Rigo’s HVLP system is not always well known by experts of conservative restoration, thererofore they do not always know how the spray technology can help in this field. If you wish to find out all details and the results you can reach with RIGO, please read the editorial ed. 401 of “Colore & Hobby”.