Three qualities - one mission!

RIGO® SANITARY the new line dedicated to the sanitizing reality, with its made in Italy accessories tested in order to guarantee a very fine mist nebulization and excellent performances.

RIGO ACADEMY® with its itinerant training courses you will be able to find out both spray painting secrets using HLVP system and the sanitizing tips; Our courses will deal with a large number of topics, suggested solutions, recommendations and tricks guaranteeing this way a professional and deep-learning offer.

RIGO SRL® Italian leading Company in its sector, specialized since 1944 both in the production of machines and accessories for spray painting with HVLP and LVLP system and in guns for the application of polyurethane foam 1KPU.

From the passion to the ethics that we provide every day and thanking to our experience gained over the three generations of activity serving professionals, we always manage to be involved to the changing.

With Rigo the “New Normal” has already started!