The showroom – bound to leave a mark

Last February, before this forced break imposed by Covid 19, we inaugurated a truly beautiful showroom at our Olgiate Olona location. We have prioritised scenic effect, to enable direct unmediated experience of the potentials of spray applications and the impressive outcomes. In this way, even the most technical products can generate empathy and emotions creating deep bond between market players and their activities. The Showroom is designed to be a 'fluid' space able to interpret different needs and moments, capable of telling the potential of RIGO equipment.

The showroom will also be the headquarters of Rigo Academy® with its courses for the training of agents, distributors, applicators and stakeholders, so that they can get to the heart of the equipment and learn how to disseminate it correctly: a real cultural and commercial revolution that will set us apart – as a market player in a class of its own.

If you are interested in our training courses, decoration and spray painting with Rigo HVLP systems:






feel free to contact us now, through our agents.

We’ll not be able to settle the date, but we will be able to support you to be ready for the recovery of our "new normal”.

Our ultimate goal is to become a fundamental point of reference, a beacon,  in the world of spray painting and to collect fresh stimuli and new ideas, as promoters of development – ongoing, original, alternative.

Find out more about the Rigo world thanks to Rigo Academy!