RIGO® gadget 2021: reusable fabric mask

Here it is our gadget 2021! Rigo mask to protect the applicator’s health not just while working.
In this historical context we would like to be able to make a small symbolic gesture, useful to remember that health is the most important asset for everyone.
Starting from February in all our packages of HVLP painting and sanitization equipment you will find, as gift, a washable and therefore reusable mask.

To wear a mask is a gesture of great responsibility and conscience for the protection of our own and other’s health.

Using Rigo mask you will work safer, protecting yourself against dust, external pathogens and viruses.

It is true that Rigo mask covers smiles, however it transmits a clear positive message: even during the pandemic period we are here and we look for the answer to the various problems offering products and solutions to work better and safely.

During this period of general uncertainty do not forget to sanitize your environments with our Rigo Sanitary range. Please check out our range of products to find the most suitable equipment for your needs.

By sanitizing all surfaces of potentially infected environments, the danger of contagion is drastically reduced.

Rigo Sanitary range is essential to defend your health by sanitizing all places that either you or your clients attend.

We remind you that on request we arrange courses exclusively dedicated to the correct use of our RIGO SANITARY range of products.