RIGO® ACADEMY - Corsi Basic - Expert - Master

RIGO® ACADEMY – Basic – Advanced and Master Courses
Would you like to offer your customers the opportunity to grow professionally? The answer is to promote Rigo Academy to your retail customers!
Collect the membership and call us, we have several training courses that will be constantly repeated, it will be easy to find a date suitable to your needs.

Our courses are held by Mr. Michele Perfetti our prepared and experienced Decorator and Technical trainer.

If you are interested to organize a training course in your retail shop, please contact us by email: rigoacademy@rigosrl.com 

Our courses are theoretical and practical. Practical tests are carried out on large panels with the application of several painting products.  The hosting retailer can provide a special support to work on if required based on its own needs.

At the end of the training all trainees will receive a diploma that certifies both the knowledge acquired on the HVLP spray painting and their attendance. 

We remind you that our training courses are preparatory both for the building painter certificate and for relevant specialization, according to UNI 11704 rule.

Considering that we have to guarantee the social distancing, places will be limited in every edition. All courses will be carried out guaranteeing all DPCM directives, in order to comply with the regulations in force.

You can download here your membership proposal, you will be surprised by the quotations and opportunities that the system offers.