RDZ-PLUS evolution of a classic for the high pressure

RDZ-Plus features all the qualities of the previous RDZ model in terms of efficacy, yield and reliability. It embodies the latest developments, on a universally popular classic product commercialized worldwide thousands upon thousands of times over.

This upgraded model includes all the improvements introduced in Rigo’s low-pressure HVLP PRO and high-pressure LVLP PRO series for painting, ensuring high-quality finishes also when applied to plastics, plaster/fillings, mortars, putty coats and wall coverings in general – using a traditional high-pressure compressor.


RDZ PLUS features a capacious upper hopper tank (3-litre capacity), with a side handle that greatly facilitates aiming the gun at the surface to be coated. It also features separate, independent adjustment of dispensed air- and product-quantities. The body is in silver-colored Teflon-coated aluminum. The sturdy, user-friendly steel support, which can be easily removed, enables stable, safe positioning of the gun on the floor/ground when filling the tank directly from the bucket with the material to be sprayed.

Thanks to the 4, 6, and 8 mm air caps, in the solid hardened chromium-plated steel itself, the gun can be adapted according to the type of material to be sprayed − guaranteeing considerable durability even with the most abrasive materials.  A user-friendly pressure adjustment feature is available on request. It can be mounted by quick coupling to the air connection under the gun’s handle grip.


Try our RDZ PLUS and you will be pleasantly surprised!