Guns for polyurethane foams a new point of view!

our target action has permitted us to offer constantly new products without interruption, starting from our R58 gun, top of the range in style and design, we have created our new guns for polyurethane foam real allies in the fulfillment of the job the applicator wishes to realize.
Focusing on quality and production capacity, which are our cornerstones, our products are the result of an original design and a research that takes into consideration the ergonomics, balancing, functionality, easy handling, lifetime, materials, agility.

Our guns are designed to meet different uses and needs, they are manufactured from A to Z by the factory, another clear added value.

Our offer is innovative on several levels:

R58 is the forefather gun. Underneath we can find RXR model which is an evolution of the existing RLR, professional, slim and easy to use, FOX A1 is the entry level that will soon replace the actual FOX with a new design and a more advanced approach. In addition, there is space for one more model called ECO smart, an evolution of the existing ECO with its body partially in metal, the durability of the RXR and the flexibility of FOX A1.

Would you like a new point of view?

Choose the Rigo guns for the polyurethane foam.

Safe, professional, efficient in other words RIGO!