Versatility is easy for professionals with Kombi!

Our product range has been widened. KOMBI is a new champion for painting, of high performance and peerless versatility.
KOMBI allows you to spray what you want anywhere. Its flexibility, portability, simplicity and functionality are the typical values of Rigo® philosophy.

We present it with pleasure and satisfaction: KOMBI allows spraying both water-based and solvent-based products, it is equipped with 1800W TMR180E turbine with remote control and new ACT generator complete with accessories. It features a 12-liter tank with filters, 2 product hose 3 m long (for water paint and solvent paints), a 3m air hose, an ergonomic frame, free wheels, padded backrest for backpack use, all features that allow you to always have a great autonomy working with backpack or with trolley. It is also equipped with a tank pressurized system with check valve, large diameter hoses with screw connection for safe use, compact and robust construction. All this guarantees over two meters of minimum head and it is provided with turnkey formula ready-to-use. Download the informative flyer  or visit our website for more information.