Rigo history is repeated and improved

As promised, we would like to introduce you a new line of spray guns completely new and inedeted.
A great return to HP technology with three models with innovative features and attractive design typical of the Italian product, combined with top of the range performances, state of the art finishes and workmanship.
Their names Passione, Evoluzione and Esperienza, increasing performance and manufacturing quality, each one of them has been designed to be the benchmark in its own specific category.

Passione orange color, is perfect for all applications and high-profile laquering decoration and primer application.

Evoluzione cyclamen colour,

allows even better finishes with challenging products.


Esperienza chrome plated and shiny with golden finish, is our top of the range, it offers unsurpassed performances.

Before being offered on the market, Rigo spray guns for compressors, have been used with a large success and satisfaction by professionals and amateurs in several contexts:

industrial bodywork and small carpentry, general carpentry, woodworking, nautical, general manufacturing.

The new spray guns are suitable to air spray painting products with high technical content.

Three models with high performance, manufacturing quality and reliability are at the same level and direct competition with the world’s top of European, American and Japanese manufacture.

As usual our products Passione, Evoluzione and Esperienza enhance versatility and multi-purpose which are typical of Rigo philosophy. 

These new spray guns are characterized by an excellent quality-price ratio that makes them particularly attractive to the advanced amateur, to the industrial professional and to the high-level coachbuilder.

To find out more details on our new HP spray guns please read the editorial nr. 414 Colore & Hobby.