The strength of a dynamic point of sale

It’s of great importance for Rigo since ever to be able to understand and read the needs of users, it’s in DNA of Rigo historically: The Rigolio family runs the famous Colorificio Rigolio since three generation, a top selling point in the area of Olgiate Olona VA, both in the fine arts sector, school supplies, and for paint coverings and equipment.

The great re-launch, started two years ago, of this historic activity started in 1944, aims to offer quality products, professionalism, staff skills to get in return important feedback for a consistent production and in line with market demands.
For more information download the interview by Colore & Hobby on pages 72 or read the entire magazine and. 371 April at the link below.You will also find out the point of sale in continuous transformation even now to get a more spacious showroom, enhance the product range, organize Open Days and demos following the same philosophy of the company Rigo. Go for a visit! Rigolio Colorificio team never stops to amaze us!

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