The new year begins for us with a big THANK YOU !!

If our motto last year was "Working together means success", we begin this new year by thanking you for the trust, cooperation and respect you have shown us and allowed us to achieve our ambitious project of growth, despite difficult economic times.

Our good resolutions and commitment for this 2015 will be not to disappoint you and to take advantage of our knowledge and experience to make our company always more focused to meet the needs of all, with new products and new strategies that allow us to continue our adventure together.

For those who still do not know us we recommend to start this new year watching  interview to our General Manager Riccardo Rigolio  excerpt to episode 89 of Varese Lecco "Caffè Novecento" - Talk show del lavoro “  that firsthand, as our habit, tells briefly our story rich of commitment, dedication and achievements.