Focusing on customers’ needs CT9I - CT18E

Thanks to our constant attention to the professionals, distributors, agents and demonstrators, particularly during RIGO’S DEMOS, we got to truly understand their requests. The new configurations of our Cart turbine perfectly respond to their needs as they’re envisioned for the specific fields of use and flawlessly match the professional’s requirements.

As a result, these are the heirs of our 9lt and 18 lt Cart turbine:
Cart turbine for Industry CT9I
Cart turbine for the building sector CT18E

Read the Colore & Hobby March article n. 430, dedicated to the new versions of the Cart turbine.

Will you choose INDUSTRY or BUILDING? 

Thought for the industry and craftsmen, suitable for carpentry, boating, car body painting. Best choice for solvent-based products, eg enamels, two/three components paint with short pot-life. 

Envisioned for the building industry.

Just right for wide surfaces as walls and floors, with hydro paints, wall paints and decorative products.


CT9I for industry and CT18E for building are both performing and professional machines.

Equipped with the essential accessories only, to reduce the purchase price still maintaining high performances.

All the accessories are suitable for both versions. 

For more info, contact your trusted shop.