CART TURBINA If you know it you use it, if you use it you work better and you earn more!

If you have already used our Cart Turbina you know its potential. If you do not know it yet, we would like to invite you to find out more about the several
FREE TO MOVE easy to carry, lightweight and compact: the handle is foldable and has large wheels, it is ideal for applying most modern painting products.
NO LIMIT of application in height with 7 m. tubes it is recommanded for medium/large surfaces.

ENDURANCE and HANDYNESS thanking to its tanks of 9 and 18 L and its auxiliary sockets.


ACT-L spray gun HVLP with a 25 cm extension

ACT-XXL spray gun HVLP with 80 cm extension.

advantages that this type of equipment offers to the professional painter.

SAFE, SIMPLE AND RELIABLE ideal for the professional that wishes to improve.

CART TURBINA is an equipment that needs to be shown and tested, this is also the reason why during our demonstrations in Italy the success is always guaranteed, here our final users/applicants can personally prove it.

Would you like to see our Cart Turbina at work or do you wish to prove it directly? Please follow us on our social channels, to find out the date of Rigo demonstrations closest to you! You can contact us at