It is in the emergency that we need to invest in the future #YesWeWork

We are testifying an enormous effort of the health authorities, the National Scientific Community and the Civil Protection who once again demonstrate how Italy is a country at the forefront in defending the health of its citizens and managing emergency. In front of continuous spreading of Coronavirus, this is the first remark to make.
As a company, RIGO appreciates the efforts of our authorities under these serious circumstances. What is not working is communication through mass media describing Italy and Lombardy non in accordance with reality. We are sharing with you the video of the Industrial Union of the Province of Varese UNIVA that supports companies like ours also in this situation

Look the video of Industrial Union of Province of Varese   The #YesWeWork video point out the role of the companies for a responsible economic recovery.

Nobody in Rigo, from every single worker to the top manager, denies that we are facing a sanitary emergency, but we know that we cannot stop because thanks to our production we are creating conditions for investing in the future. Our company is a concrete example that Italian companies are working regularly; we go to our office and workshop every day, to create, design and produce strictly Italian products with the usual undisputed quality.

It is not Covid-19 that hurts us so much today but the psychosis that is spreading much faster than the virus. We don't want to fall into this trap. The situation in Italy is monitored in the way that only few countries in the world can do and with this certainty we continue to produce, to invest and believe in our country.