Rigo Team, the professionals demonstrating Rigo throughout Italy.

A scrupulous selection followed by accurate training, has led to the creation of the RIGO’s demonstrators TEAM: this is a crew of professionals who are willing to highlight the potential and the value of our HVLP equipment, by practical demonstrations.

RIGO HVLP equipment is the leading star of every Demo, thanks to its peculiarities, the possibility to apply several products easily and rapidly with high performances and shorter time to get a job done.
Yet a well-trained demonstrator is needed to efficiently show the machinery and its advantages.

RIGO TEAM: The Demo bringing advantages for everyone:

  • For the shops, a Rigo demonstration brings commercial opportunities and increases the visibility of the shop thanks both to the event and the relevant promotion on our social media.
  • For the professionals the Demos are training opportunities to acquire new abilities and discover all unbelievable potential of the HVLP system.
  • For our agents the Demo is a further occasion to offer a better service to customers and strengthen their business relationship more and more.
  • For Rigo this is a great goal achieved, spreading the knowledge of our sector and our presence everywhere.

All Rigo demonstrators are equipped with our most performing machinery (Cart Turbine CT18 and ACT-S gun) as well as expertise and passion; moreover, they come from different Italian areas (at the moment the RIGO TEAM is present in eleven regions), thus knowing the local market needs and being more effective during their demonstrations.

The Rigo Team and the Rigo Point will be a landmark in the field, a way to be even closer to the professionals and distributors. If you wish to know more about Rigo Team demonstrations, read the Colore & Hobby article ed. 433