Sanitize with Rigo !

Dear customers and friends,
with great satisfaction and a bit of pride we inform you that we are creating a new line of specialized equipment, suitable for sanitizing of environments to make them healthy and safe.
Environmental safety at the time of Covid 19 has become a priority for each of us. In this climate of emergency, we have also an ethical and moral duty to collaborate creating a strictly "made in Italy" health line.
Since today April 6 at 11.40 a.m. we are officially open for supplying of the equipment destined to sanitizing purposes. We are waiting for your kind orders.

Our most performing equipment: TSV, PMR, KOMBI, Cart Turbine CT-9 and CT-18 have been tested in the field by various professional companies and deemed suitable with some fine-tuning for sanitizing products assuring a very fine nebulization and excellent performance.

RIGO's commitment will not only be sanitary, we are also financially proactive in this moment of real economic difficulty. For this reason we have decided responsibly to continue as always to fulfil our commitments as much as possible, convinced that if this attitude is shared by each "ethically responsible" company, the commitment and sacrifice of all customers and suppliers will be the key to a timely recovery of our country.