Territoriality and globalization: this is the hardware store of the future!

Our retailer Ferramenta D'Amico is definitely projected into the future.
The business model of Ferramenta D’Amico (located in the Balduina zone of Rome’s Trionfale borough) may be considered a form of glocalization, since they are able to reconcile the garrison of the territory in Rome with the e-commerce site on a world scale.

A shop in the neighborhood coordinated by Fernando D'Amico and his son-in-law Raffaele Passarini who, with his resourcefulness, competence and sympathy, has been managing for thirty years the dedicated ample space with the complete range of the Rigo products and its accessories.
At the same time the platform www.ilferramenta.com is always updated with all the Rigo products from the latest news on the market to the spare part or accessory.
Territoriality combined with globalization has proved to be the winning strategy for our retailer, for further information we advise you to read the interview in the July / August ed. 384 by Colore & Hobby

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