Rigo: strong past, on-focus present, steps toward the future

During the last 80 years, Rigo® has gone through crisis periods and economic success, running through an ever-changing business world with its revolutions and cultural transformations, always getting involved and being a step forward.

During our first eighty years, so many products and plans have been put in place

Rigo® has recently gave birth to the Rigo Points, which are reliable shops as well as official assistance centers for Rigo products. They have a full stock of furniture and spare parts, fulfilling the Company’s intent of controlling distribution and better reaching the customers.

This strengthens the bond among the Company, our agents, and distributors, allowing a more efficient exchange of information.

Aiming at a more widespread knowledge of spray painting, RIGO has set up the Team Rigo, skilled demonstrators who show practical use of Rigo’s equipment and share their expertise with interested people.

Many new plans meet life-long ideas, yet again getting to be part of the growth of our business sector and of all the professionals involved.

Improvement of existing products is foreseen too, like the new Polyurethane-foam guns and the 2.0 Cart turbine in which tank it will be possible to fit the paint can for a more practical use, or the slim cart-turbine, particularly light and economical. Other great projects are about a brand-new series of turbines and spray guns.

Follow us, we’ll keep surprising you for another eighty years and more!

if you want to know more, download the Colore & Hobby article, ed. 434