Rigo social more than ever!

Time is passing by changing us and the things that surround us continuously. Even the way of communication is changing and evolving.

Starting from May 1, 2020 our company is no lo longer reachable by fax, but starting now we will be even closer to you with our on-line and off-line communication always careful to respond to your needs.

Follow us on Instagram, a social network allowing to shoot the photos, apply filters and share various information on net. Whatever your device is, you’ll find APP to download as web application

On Instagram you’ll find images of our RIGO ACADEMY format, so start following us to discover our new showroom in Olgiate Olona! It’s not an art gallery but a functional exhibition and sensorial space for alternative decorative techniques.

We imagined it as a space capable of involving, exciting and telling, but above all capable of transforming itself according to the needs ... we believe we have succeeded.

Follow us on social media and take part in the change!