Evergreen Rigo

Rigo has reiterated its intention to foster environmental protection by organising an awareness-raising action targeting our employees. Over the last few days, aluminium flasks with the Rigo logo were distributed to them all.

In own our small way, we can make a difference, with a smart solution for daily use, to be recommended to others, whether by word of mouth or quite simply by setting a good example. It can really turn things around, as far as our consumption of plastics is concerned. The environmental impact of adopting “greener” lifestyles can be considerable. With this aim in mind, we have given all our employees re-usable aluminium flasks in order to reduce consumption of plastic bottles.
Symbolic perhaps, but something the management team felt was really important − as a concrete and coherent indication of the policy that our company has embraced.


Even today, more than 8 million tons of plastic end up in seas and oceans worldwide. Furthermore, 310 million products are used and consumed in any number of ways. Faced with the alarming situation that WWF denounces, we can’t just look on with our hands in our pockets. Plastic is the third most widely used material on earth after steel and cement. Above all, it is the most widespread such material to be found in our environment.

Today, only 26% of the plastic that we produce is recycled. If we don’t reverse this trend, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the seas even than fish!


In 2012, we installed an eco-sustainable photovoltaic system to produce clean energy to meet our production needs

In 2015 we adopted a flowerbed… because Rigo considers protecting and preserving our surroundings both a duty and a priority.

In 2018 the company façade was fully restyled to save energy and safeguard our surroundings. This was made possible thanks to our equipment and to the Tecnostuk line of products, designed to enhance comfort and reduce heat loss, thus limiting consumption and benefitting the environment.

All Rigo products are designed and built compatibly with the environment and with the aim of safeguarding the health of people in general (and not just professional trade users). Painting with Rigo with system Hvlp devices means lowered emissions of airborne nebulized paint particles, and a winning choice for those who, like ourselves, look to the future. A future not just to be constructed, but also preserved.