RIGO® SANITARY, ideal for sanitizing all areas and to fight Covid-19.

Rigo’s equipment are tested on the field by Firms competent in the environment sanitizing and disinfection field. The equipment is considered excellent for spraying sanitizing products, thanking to the very fine misting and to its outstanding performances.
All this has motivated us to create a new RIGO® SANITARY line, especially created for the sanitizing sector, environmental hygenizing and disinfection.
Make your environment safe with RIGO® SANITARY new line, it is ideal for: offices, workshops, shopping stores, sanitary facilities, vehicles, fitness centres, stadiums, gyms, places of worship, schools etc. Please watch our new video.
Choosing our product means you buy a 100% Italian product: “help Italy with Made in Italy.

Find out all di RIGO® SANITARY Hvlp benefits for the sanitizing sector:

• Perfect and handy air control, dispensing the right quantity of the product

• Optimal ratio among volume and air pressure always

• Wide tools selection

• All Rigo Sanitary line is easy and comfortable to carry, thanking to its solid dimensions and moderate weight

• The hot air is completely free of oil and drain

• Every model is suitable for most of the sanitizing products sold.

• Fewer risks for the Operator that has to wear all required DPI anyway

• Waste reduction

• Low maintenance

RIGO® SANITARY line is reserved to the sanitary sector and professional cleaning, to distributors / wholesalers of the sanitary sector and producers of sanitizing/hygienizing products.  Our standard “coloured” line for painting remains available for our usual customers, paint shops and hardware stores, which with the appropriate accessories is suitable for sanitization purposes as well.

We do not authorize the use of alcohol, ethers and other volatile-liquid components dangerous and highly flammable products with our equipment.

“Sanior ars in domo salubri”    -    RIGO® SANITARY for sanitizing.

RIGO ACADEMY®   the importance of healthiness in the workplace.