The energy that never runs out!

Last year Rigo had two main guidelines, they will also mark year 2021:
promptly react to events, even dramatic such as the current pandemic and also be a mouthpiece towards the spray painting culture thanking to the training.
All this without forgetting that we are a proactive manufacturing Company always looking for the production of new products for a more demanding market.

We managed to introduce innovations and to invest in sanitization and training so much that the prestigious newspaper “Il Sole 24 ore” has dedicated us an interview entitled: “RIGO, a reference point for the spray painting, takes the field in sanitization.”

Discover Rigo New Sanitary Line!

Specific for sanitization, developed in partnership with well established Companies both National and International manufacturer of sanitizing chemical products operating in the sanitization and disinfection field.

Join RIGO ACADEMY, decorating and spray painting training HVLP courses, you will learn the best use of Rigo equipment. RIGO ACADEMY means enhancing your performances reducing working time obtaining excellent final smooth and amazing effects!

Our equipment is totally versatile and performing that, beside the traditional common use, it has shown grit and potential even in the hands of some young students of Brera Academy of Fine Arts involved the ArtColorBike project. They have also become protagonists in the solidarity project called ColorAid.

To find out more on RIGO® world please read edition 410 March 2021 of Colore and Hobby.