RIGO ACADEMY - Future oriented training!

We are ready to start our training, decoration and spray painting courses with Rigo Hvlp: RIGO ACADEMY will represent a revolution for spray painting, making it the protagonist for countless paint and decoration products. The three-level courses: Basic, Advanced and Master will be taught by our master decorator Arch. Michele Giannuzzi Perfetti, that with passion and expertise will be able to reveal you all secrets of HVLP RIGO’s world - a revolutionary and innovative system to achieve new effects and learn a new application technique.

Covid19 has slowed down our activities, but it has certainly not stopped them, with the appropriate precautions we are ready for a new start, because training is important in every sector and to start again can guarantee an extra gear!

The course shall be shared on threelevels; three sections of 1 day each:

•             Basic – includes knowledge of the tool and the most common standard products technical features plus a practical test of application in the afternoon

•             Advanced – session where we talk about all most technologically advanced products no longer applied with common techniques but using the spray system; this lesson includes theoretical and practical applications

•             Master – is the course section that everybody envies us,  the ultimate Master Class. Here we try to revolutionize all standard application techniques of thick products such as resin, microconcrete and decorative lime-based material with original results; we pay special attention to the practical application without negletting the theoretical products knowledge.

  • Are you a retailer? Please contact us through our local Agents.
  • Are you a professional that wishes to get a certificate as construction painter or just an artist seeking for the right inspiration… ? Please contact our local retailers!
  • Are you painting products manufacturer and wish to test your products and realize new ones…? Take this opportunity to grow together with us and gain new market share!

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We are on pole position and look forward to starting with you soon!