RIGO® ACADEMY: Training Course for decorating and painting with HVLP systems

“curiosity and passion bring amazing results”
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In an era where everything regarding decoration is revolutionizing and evolving very quickly and is enriching itself for all chemical characteristics typical of paints, especially for the resins, microcements and standard products evolution, Rigo Academy is innovative with regard to the application technique of these products.

The course shall be shared on three levels; 

 • Basic - includes knowledge of the tool and the most common standard products technical features plus a practical test of application in the afternoon


•             Expert – session where we talk about all most technologically advanced products no longer applied with common techniques but using the spray system; this lesson includes theoretical and practical applications


•             Master –  Here we try to revolutionize all standard application techniques of thick products such as resin, microcements and decorative lime-based material with original results;


With Rigo Academy a synergy has been created between the characteristics of the product applied and its application technique.

Michele Giannuzzi Perfetti is the Art Director of Rigo Academy

The wealth of knowledge and the experience gained during the academy are essential to achieve the qualification of professional painter.

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