RIGO® SANITARY: all information on our web site

A proper sanitization begins with the correct choice of both equipment and sanitizing product.

We have tested our RIGO® SANITARY equipment with several sanitizing, disinfecting products both ordinary and nanotechnological and we continue with these tests on a daily basis.

Our equipment, strictly Made in Italy, is tested to ensure a very fine spray and an excellent performance.

If you are our client as paint shop, hardware or distributor in the world of color you can purchase our ordinary product range for spraying in alternative to our Sanitary Line.

•         Turbina T-Basic

•         Turbina TMR90E

•         Turbina TMR180E

However, it is also possible to use other turbines such as TMR80, TMR140, TMR150E

•         KOMBI

•         CART TURBINA CT18 

is important to request always nozzles and caps specific to the sanitization.


Together with the right choice of the product we also recommend a careful choice of the equipment with a compliance to the health provisions with regard to the environmental protections and indications of the manufacturers’ use, the adoption of appropriate PPE and an accurate cleaning of the equipment used with running water.