RIGO® SANITARY: Sanitising and disinfecting do not stand for harming

A responsible sanitization begins with the correct choice of equipment and sanitizing product.

We have tested our RIGO® SANITARY equipment with lot of ordinary and nanotechnological “sanitizing” products and we still keep doing a wide range of tests and evaluations program on daily basis.

Considering our long experience we recommend all users to be extremely careful with the choice of the sanitizing product. Besides its bactericidal and virucidal properties, the particular attention must be paid to its compatibility both with the material treated and the components the equipment itself is made of.

Some hygienizing products  particularly efficient contain ingredients that can irreparably ruin the surfaces of areas where they are applied or in some cases they can even be harmful for health and dangerous for the environment if not properly used.

In other cases, some fairly similar chemical products or equivalent application have definitively given different effects. The common phrase “it makes no difference anyway” in this case should not be applied.  

In addition to the careful choice of the equipment and product we also recommend a conscientious compliance with the sanitary rules in respect of the environment and to follow carefully all instructions given by the manufacturers along with the adoption of the appropriate PPE and an accurate washing with the tap water of the equipment used.